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  • Composite packaging bag broken bag rate is high, 7 big “culprit” finally found!

    —-Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., LTD.  Are you upset that the composite bag you make tends to break down? Do you know the reasons why the complex bag you ordered is likely to rupture?Next, let Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., Ltd. answer for you. There are seven major reasons. The one is ther...
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  • What are the requirements of composite packaging for the ripening room?

    Maturation control: maturation is also called curing, is the process of putting the film that has been compounded into the oven (ripening room), so that the main agent of the polyurethane adhesive, curing agent reaction crosslinking and be compounded with the substrate surface interaction. The ma...
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  • About the ink color of the bag

    Today we talk about the color of the bags. Some customers are concerned that the color of the bags is not what they expect. So why is there a difference in the color of the bags? One, the amount of ink on the inconsistent That is the different viscosity of the ink in the ink tank of the printing ...
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  • What are the benefits of an eight-sided sealed packaging bag?

    Eight-sided sealed packaging bag is a very popular product in the plastic flexible packaging industry, although its price is higher than the general packaging bag, but it has a wide range of applications. Such as nuts, dried fruit of red jujube, walnut, pecan, pistachio, Hawaii fruit, etc., nutri...
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  • Packaging Film

    Packaging Film

    Packaging film is mainly made of several different grades of polyethylene resin mixed and extruded, with puncture resistance, super strength high performance, winding packaging for goods stacked on the pallet, making the packaging more stable and neat, more super waterproof role, is widely used i...
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  • 3 Side Seal Vacuum Food Packaging Bags

    3 Side Seal Vacuum Food Packaging Bags

    Composite packaging bags are used to protect products, and their packaging forms have also developed towards diversification, providing a variety of convenience for public life. Such as aluminum foil bags, vacuum packaging bags, stand-up pouches, shaped bags and other pa...
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  • Coffee Packaging Pouch

    Coffee Packaging Pouch

    Are you currently looking for the best coffee bag for your company? If yes, Lebei packaging shares the following three points for your reference with more than 26 years of experience: 1. Use food-safe packaging materials 2. Design in a form that is convenient for consume...
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