What should we pay attention to when choosing a food packaging bag(such as: nylon bag, aluminum foil bag…)?

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Packaging is as important to products as clothes are to us humans. It not only plays a protective role in the process of transportation, but also in the process of storage and sales fatal. People are visual animals. The first thing many people see is packaging, which sometimes directly determines the life of a product. So, in choosing a custom food What should I pay attention to when bagging it? 

First, choose the right packaging material for your own products First of all, food enterprises should understand the characteristics of their own products, and then choose the packaging bag materials in line with their own products.

At present, the main food packaging materials on the market are PE, PET, PA class. For example, vacuum bag (also known as nylon bag) because of its good vacuum effect, high transparency, good sealing, good moisture-proof performance, and not easy to aging and other characteristics, It is favored by many food enterprises. For example, aluminum foil bag (also known as pure aluminum bag), and strong air barrier performance, oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof, non-toxic and tasteless, comply with Food, drug packaging hygiene standards and other characteristics, in addition, there are the characteristics of high temperature and low temperature resistance, some after high temperature cooking food choice packaging bags can be considered Aluminum foil bag.

And then, choose a regular and cost-effective packaging manufacturers. Secondly, shop around, choose regular, cost-effective food packaging manufacturers for customized production. At present, the market is mixed, to choose a regular food packaging Manufacturers is not easy. If possible, it is best to visit a factory of a food packaging manufacturer. At the same time, also want to check the factory’s factory time, qualification, Design strength, and whether to pass the national, international security certification and other soft power.

In a small advertisement, we Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., LTD., not only in Chaozhou has production office environment of 20000 square meters of food processing plants, and engaged in packaging production for 26 years, the company has won a number of design patents, utility model patents, and passed the OS food safety certification, ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification, SGS certification, etc., have to say, we Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., LTD is a formal, cost-effective food packaging manufacturers, welcome the customers call advice! 

Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., Ltd. focuses on 26 years of experience in plastic soft packaging industry, independent research and development of dyeing and color matching technology, is a reliable food packaging bag manufacturer, can be customized all kinds of bellows pocket, pet food bag, leisure food bag, tea bag. At the same time, the company in line with the principle of cooperation, honest cooperation, mutual benefit and mutual win with the majority of new and old customers to develop friendly cooperation!

If you have the need for customized organ bags, you can contact Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., LTD., we will serve you wholeheartedly!

How to custom your own brand stand up zipper pouch?

Step 1: Provide us the bag details, including the bag size(width, length, bottom), material, thickness, printing logo, quantity, etc.

Step 2: Send us the custom logo artwork with PDF or AI or PSD or CRD format, our designer team will help you to finish the final design artwork.

Step 3: Send the final design artwork back to you to double confirm all details before production.

Step 4: Proceed to production.

Every process is under strictly inspection, to ensure we will provide you the best quality correct product you want. Welcome any question or inquiry to us. Thank you!

Our Strength

* Advanced production equipment for packages

We have advanced machines, including BEIREN printing machine, printing testing machine, lamination machine, muti-function bag making machine, etc.

*Strong production capability

We produce over 60,000,000 pcs each month,  and roll film over 500 tons each month.

*Unique R&D capability

We have more than 100 patents available to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


 Passed QS,SGS,HACCP,BRC,and ISO certification.

We take our customer’s business as our business. That’s why we have 100% customer’s satisfaction. We believe Lebei Packing will grow up bigger and stronger in the near future.

Post time: Mar-13-2023