Packaging Film

Packaging film is mainly made of several different grades of polyethylene resin mixed and extruded, with puncture resistance, super strength high performance, winding packaging for goods stacked on the pallet, making the packaging more stable and neat, more super waterproof role, is widely used in foreign trade exports,paper,hardware,plastic chemical,building materials,food and pharmaceutical industries.

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Advantages of packaging film

The advantages of shrink wrapping film are:

1、Adapted to the packaging of various shapes of goods, increasing the attractiveness of product appearance;

2、The film can be tightly attached to the goods, with transparency, beautiful appearance, clean and bright;

3、Packed goods have sanitary, cleaning, sealed packaging, dust and wet resistance;

4、Shrink packaging has good shock resistance, impact resistance, and good protection performance;

5、Packaged the packaged goods have tightness and fixity, small parts will not fall east and west in the packaging;

 6,Heat shrinkable film can also be used to replace all kinds of cartons, especially in the irregular shape of the goods or commodities in the combined packaging, not only to save packaging costs, but also in line with the packaging trend.


General properties of packaging film

1. Unitization: This is one of the greatest characteristics of wrap-around film packaging. With the super winding force and retraction of the film, the product is compactly and fixedly bundled into a unit, making the small scattered pieces into a whole, without any loosening and separation of the product even under unfavorable environment, degree and without sharp edges and stickiness so as not to cause damage.

2. Primary protection: Primary protection provides surface protection for the product, forming a very light, protective appearance around the product, thus achieving the purpose of dust, oil, moisture, water and theft prevention. Especially important is that the wrap film packaging makes the packaging items evenly stressed, avoiding uneven stress on the items, which is impossible to do with traditional packaging methods (strapping, packing, tape and other packaging).

3. Compression and fixation: With the retraction force after stretching the film, the product is wrapped and packed, forming a compact unit that does not occupy space, so that the pallets of the product are wrapped closely together, which can effectively prevent the product from being misplaced and moving during transportation. Packaging effect.

4. Cost saving: the use of winding film for product packaging can effectively reduce the use of costs, using winding film is only about 15% of the original box packaging, heat shrinkable film of about 35%, carton packaging of about 50%. At the same time, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the packaging efficiency as well as the packaging grade.


The main advantage of rolling film application in the packaging industry is to save the cost of the whole packaging process. The rolling film is used in automatic packaging machinery without packaging production enterprises for any sealing work only for one-time sealing operation in the production enterprises. As a result, packaging manufacturers only need to print, and transportation costs have fallen due to the supply of rolls. When the emergence of the film appears, the whole process of plastic packaging is simplified into three steps of printing, transportation and packaging, which greatly simplifies the packaging process and reduces the cost of the whole industry, and is the first choice of small packaging.

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