What are the benefits of an eight-sided sealed packaging bag?

Eight-sided sealed packaging bag is a very popular product in the plastic flexible packaging industry, although its price is higher than the general packaging bag, but it has a wide range of applications. Such as nuts, dried fruit of red jujube, walnut, pecan, pistachio, Hawaii fruit, etc., nutrition in milk powder, cereal, protein powder, soy milk powder, etc., and leisure food in beef jerky, bread, etc., mushrooms, black fungus, local products, including tea bags, coffee, pet food packaging bag is also commonly used to eight edge sealing bag. There must be a reason for this, the next, let Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., Ltd. introduce the benefits of the eight-sided packaging bag.
First of all, from the name of the eight sealing bag analysis, eight seal has eight sides, the bottom four edges, left and right two sides, the advantage of this setting is that the left and right and the level can be expanded, to a certain extent to expand its use space.

In the next place, the eight-sided packaging bag will have a more faceted display effect than other bags. There is more information to be displayed on the food packaging bag, and the two display surfaces of the ordinary bags are slightly insufficient. The five display surfaces of the eight-sided sealing bag have plenty of space to do the brand image .

Thirdly, the eight-side sealing bag has a delicate three-dimensional sense. In terms of three-dimensional sense, the eight-sided sealing bag depends on the exquisite appearance, and the packaging products are high-end atmosphere, very eye-catching, which can leave a deep impression on people, which has a great role in the brand promotion.

Finally, the eight-sided sealing bag is highly smooth. After filling the items, the eight-sided sealing bag can maintain better smoothness with exquisite appearance, which is not possible for other packaging bags.

Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., Ltd. focuses on 26 years of experience in plastic soft packaging industry, independent research and development of dyeing and color matching technology, is a reliable eight-sided packaging bag manufacturer, can be customized all kinds of pet food eight-sided sealing bag, leisure food eight-sided sealing bag, tea eight-sided sealing bag. At the same time, the company in line with the principle of cooperation, honest cooperation, mutual benefit and mutual win with the majority of new and old customers to develop friendly cooperation!

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How to custom your own brand stand up zipper pouch?
Step 1: Provide us the bag details, including the bag size(width, length, bottom), material, thickness, printing logo, quantity, etc.
Step 2: Send us the custom logo artwork with PDF or AI or PSD or CRD format, our designer team will help you to finish the final design artwork.
Step 3: Send the final design artwork back to you to double confirm all details before production.
Step 4: Proceed to production.

Every process is under strictly inspection, to ensure we will provide you the best quality correct product you want. Welcome any question or inquiry to us. Thank you!

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Post time: Apr-03-2023