About the ink color of the bag

Today we talk about the color of the bags. Some customers are concerned that the color of the bags is not what they expect. So why is there a difference in the color of the bags?

One, the amount of ink on the inconsistent

That is the different viscosity of the ink in the ink tank of the printing machine at different times, the size of the amount of ink on the ink varies. In the whole process of gravure printing, to maintain the relative stability and consistency of the ink viscosity. Note that the ink viscosity changes, often affected by temperature changes in the printing environment.

Second, the choice of ink color differences

To solve the problem of gravure ink color differences on plastic film, we must use stable quality, color with deviation or deviation of small gravure ink. A variety of printing, it is best to fix the use of a manufacturer’s ink, a batch of printed materials, it is best to use the same manufacturer, the same batch of ink produced.

 Third, the ink cycle is not smooth

To pay attention to keep the ink circulation smooth, it is best to use the ink circulation system, to ensure the convenience of adding thinner and adding new ink, to keep the ink with good quality and fluidity.

 Fourth, the printing speed and ink drying speed is not consistent before and after

The speed of printing and ink drying speed, directly affect the ink rate on the print, so the printing speed and ink drying speed changes, will cause changes in the color of the ink on the print.

 Five, improper use of squeegee

The position of the scraper, the angle of the scraper, the pressure of the scraper and the pressure of the impression cylinder on the ink color, especially the color of the shallow sub-part of the ink has a greater impact.

Six, the composite process is different

Different composite processing technology, bag-making broadside welding heat sealing, the use of different colors of composite lining film compound, or printing directly after the vacuum aluminizing process, the color of the print also has a certain impact. 

Do not worry, our factory has wonderful tricks to fix the packaging color.

Carefully observe the color sample, pay special attention to observe the printed substrate, from the substrate rough and smooth reflective degree of choice of ink.

For example: ink printing on a smooth and extremely reflective aluminum plate or cans, choose a high degree of transparency of the ink will help greatly enhance the ink’s metallic luster.

 When choosing the ink needed for color mixing, avoid mixing too much ink as much as possible.

Try to use inks that are close to the standard color and made from a single pigment. If you use too much color foam, the farther away from the standard color you are, the worse the brightness will be. Mixing out the color matte degree is higher, it is impossible to modulate the original color by mixing color. So it is said that when mixing color can use two mixed, not three, the less the better.

 To pay special attention to the ink coloring power.

If the selected ink concentration is not high enough, no matter how to spell, but also can not reach the standard color concentration.

 When need to add white and black ink, should pay special attention to the amount added and the accuracy of the weighing.

In all kinds of ink, white ink has a strong covering power. If too much is added, it will not only dilute the color, but also prevent the substrate from reflecting. However, for printing on uneven substrates such as nylon cloth and cardboard, it is best to print a layer of white as the base color in order to ensure the appearance of the printed product. Since the coloring power of black ink is very strong, if you are not careful to add too much, you will need to add a lot of other color ink to adjust the color and cause waste, so special attention should be paid.

 When making light-colored ink, we should judge from the degree of light transmission of the ink film, how much white ink or toning ink should be added to adjust the color.

It is absolutely not allowed to use the solvent (thinner) for light color. Solvent added too much, not only will affect the printing performance, but also will damage the structure of the ink, resulting in the separation of pigments and resin oil. The appearance of precipitation or greatly reduce the gloss and brightness of the ink.

Our factory will send the designed drawing to the customer according to the customer’s requirement before we start the production of bags. If you want to know more or customize packaging bags you can contact us.We will provide you with good service and favorable price.

Post time: Jun-27-2023