Guangdong Lebei packaging Co., LTD: In food packaging, the application of zip-up bags

What is a stand up pouch?
Stand up pouch refers to a kind of soft packaging bag with horizontal support structure at the bottom, which can stand on any support and regardless of the open bag, and the self-supporting bag is improving the product grade Strengthen the shelf visual effect, portable, easy to use, preservation and sealing and many other aspects of the advantages.
Which structures is the stand up pouch pressed into?
Independent bag is made of PET / oil / PET / PE structure laminate, it can also have 2 layers, 3 layers and other specifications of materials, according to the packaging of the packaging of different products, according to the need to increase the oxygen insulation protection layer, drop Low oxygen permeability, prolong the shelf life of products.
Application of stand up pouch bag
At present, self-reliance bag packaging is widely used in fruit juice drinks: sports drinks: bottled drinking water can absorb fruit Oriental fruit and other products packaging, in addition to the food industry, the application of some washing products, visual cosmetics, medical products and other products are also increasing.
The self-supporting bag with a pull connection can be closed and can be opened again. Because the zipper form is not closed and the sealing strength is limited, this form is not suitable for encapsulating liquids and volatile substances
According to the different ways of sealing edges, they are divided into two kinds of four-sided seal and three-sided seal. The four-sided seal refers to the product packaging outside the zipper sealing outside the ordinary sealing edge, and the ordinary seal should be used first when used The edge is torn open, and then the zipper is used to achieve repeated sealing and opening. This method solves the disadvantage of small zipper sealing edge strength and unfavorable dry transportation. The three-sided seal is directly with the zipper seal edge as the seal, generally used In the lightweight products. Zippered independent bags are usually used to pack light solids, such as candy, cookies, jelly, etc., but they can also be used to pack rice. hard Fruit, red dates.

On the basis of ordinary self-supporting bags, we have launched more eight-sided sealed flat bottom bags, which have the following advantages: 
Firstly, it can be printed on five sides, and sufficient printing layout makes the information description and pattern design of strict products more rich.
Secondly,  vertical structure, can be independent on the shelf, square flat, standing stable.
Thirdly, it can be added sealing table zipper, to avoid the organ bag type: can not add zipper shortcomings.
And then, it can add one-way exhaust valve, used in coffee and other related industries.
Finally, the soft packaging materials made of the compound platform can be combined together to play the different barriers through the permeable and permeable oxygen barrier characteristics of different materials.
Application of eight-sided sealing bags
Eight-sided sealed flat bottom bag can be used in pet food, tea, coffee, high-grade food, cosmetics and other products packaging, is called a high value-added packaging bag type. Packaging is not only to package the product, but also to show the product value.
New ideas, new technology, will bring the field of packaging into an unprecedented situation. We also hope to further develop new packaging materials on the basis of the existing packaging bags.
Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., Ltd. focuses on 26 years of experience in plastic soft packaging industry, independent research and development of dyeing and color matching technology, is a reliable food packaging bag manufacturer, can be customized all kinds of bellows pocket, pet food bag, leisure food bag, tea bag. At the same time, the company in line with the principle of cooperation, honest cooperation, mutual benefit and mutual win with the majority of new and old customers to develop friendly cooperation! 
If you have the need for customized organ bags, you can contact Guangdong Lebei Packaging Co., LTD., we will serve you wholeheartedly!

How to custom your own brand stand up zipper pouch?
Step 1: Provide us the bag details, including the bag size(width, length, bottom), material, thickness, printing logo, quantity, etc.
Step 2: Send us the custom logo artwork with PDF or AI or PSD or CRD format, our designer team will help you to finish the final design artwork.
Step 3: Send the final design artwork back to you to double confirm all details before production.
Step 4: Proceed to production.
Every process is under strictly inspection, to ensure we will provide you the best quality correct product you want. Welcome any question or inquiry to us. Thank you!
Our Strength
* Advanced production equipment for packages
We have advanced machines, including BEIREN printing machine, printing testing machine, lamination machine, muti-function bag making machine, etc.
*Strong production capability
We produce over 60,000,000 pcs each month,  and roll film over 500 tons each month.
*Unique R&D capability






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