3 Side Seal Vacuum Food Packaging Bags

Composite packaging bags are used to protect products, and their packaging forms have also developed towards diversification, providing a variety of convenience for public life. Such as aluminum foil bags, vacuum packaging bags, stand-up pouches, shaped bags and other packaging bags in a number of industries have a large number of applications. With the popularity of vacuum composite bags, more people choose to use vacuum food bags to package food. 

Vacuum composite bags have more advantages than ordinary plastic bags.

First, the vacuum composite bag by the multi-layer material, the goods have a strong puncture resistance, tear resistance.

Second, the composite bag can resist cold and high temperature, can use the goods high temperature, low temperature refrigeration.

Third, good barrier function, strong maintenance function, with impermeable to gas and water characteristics, not easy to be damaged, good shape stability, not affected by changes in humidity.

Fourth, the chemical stability of composite bags, acid and alkali resistance, can be placed for a long time, strong resistance to pulling, good packaging, packaging items are not affected by the outside world. 

When you want to refrigerate or pack food, want to keep food as long as possible to keep fresh, you can choose vacuum composite bags. This is one of our company's hot selling vacuum composite bags.Just put the food into the vacuum composite bag, use the small clip to tighten the sealing chain, and then use the pump to pump out the air to save the food. Of course, this vacuum laminate bag can also store other things you want to save.

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We have passed QS, SGS, HACCP, BRC, and ISO certification. All packaging are accepted to be customized.If you are interested or want to know more details you can contact us, we will provide you with good service and favorable price.

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Post time: Feb-28-2023